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Author: Chris Love

Mark in Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Mark’s Story: Digital Dayhab for Alcohol Addiction

Like so many people with alcohol addiction, Mark tried to hide and control his drinking for years. After many attempts to drink within limits, Mark accepted he needed help with addiction to alcohol. Mark contacted Help Me Stop for confidential alcohol addiction treatment.

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Woman's hand with rolled up note with white powder in background

How to Use Cocaine Safely?

Is there a way to use cocaine safely? We look at why people use cocaine, signs of cocaine overdose and what to do if you want to stop using cocaine.

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two images split showcasing the Benefits of Dayhab treatment for addiction

Benefits of Dayhab

Whether you need inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment depends on your personal situation. Read our top 15 benefits of Dayhab here.

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MDMA colourful tablets

How Much MDMA Is Too Much?

Understanding how much MDMA is too much can be very difficult for a variety of reasons. If you think you have taken too much MDMA, there are some risk signs to watch out for.

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young woman drinking whiskey alone at bar

Alcohol withdrawal: Know the signs

Withdrawal symptoms are dangerous, and you should seek urgent medical attention if you or someone you’re looking after is experiencing repeated vomiting, severe shaking, hallucinations or confusion

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