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post it note saying find joy in the small things every day

Finding Joy After Addiction

There are many joyful moments that get lost in active addiction. Small pleasures, which we once found exciting, become lost memories and inconveniences in addiction. But, when we start on
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Back to the Real World

Reintegrating with society and a social calendar that is filled to the brim can bring out both the best and the worst of us. Some of us will be treading
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Life Beyond Addiction, Help Me Stop

At One Year Sober, Connection is King

In this video blog, Tom describes how addiction recovery has impacted his wellbeing and relationships, since attending Help Me Stop addiction treatment programme.
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Help Me Stop Grazia post image

Cocaine and Motherhood: Louise’s Story

Thank you to Louise*, a former Help Me Stop client, who has shared her story about cocaine addiction and motherhood with Grazia. Louise describes so clearly how her recreational cocaine
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Big Ben at midnight

Addiction Recovery: the Anti-Resolution Revolution!

You've had enough of your addiction. You're sick of the consequences. You want change and there's no time like New Year's Day to make that change, right? Stop! Here's why we do NOT recommend making New Year's resolutions to go sober or drug-free. Read our top 10 anti-resolutions instead.
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Sober Christmas, Addiction Recovery

The Gift of Remembering: Lisa’s Sober Christmas

We're raising our cup of hot chocolate to Lisa, who is celebrating her first sober Christmas with her family. Here's to the joy of being able to remember everything.
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Addiction recovery at Help Me Stop

The Gift of Peace of Mind in Addiction Recovery

Thank you to Matt for making this video for our Life Beyond Series. It's a wonderful testimony about the power of addiction treatment, including how mental health and wellbeing can radically change for the better in addiction recovery.
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Becoming a Mum in Addiction Recovery

Giving Birth this Christmas: My Gift of Addiction Recovery

In December, we're celebrating the many gifts of addiction recovery, as well as how some of our former clients will be spending Christmas. It doesn't really get much better than becoming a mum!
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High Quality Addiction Treatment, Reported on GB News

Our Hopes for a ‘High Quality Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery System’

Help Me Stop welcomes the plans for 'a high quality addiction treatment and recovery system', as outlined in chapter 3 of the Government's 10-year drugs plan.
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Government's 10 Year Drugs Plan - from harm to hope

The Government’s 10 Year Drugs Plan: Our Response and Questions

We cover where we agree with the Government's new drugs plan, and where we think further discussion is needed.
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