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Help Me Stop – Rehab In The Real World

What is Help Me Stop

  • Help Me Stop is the UK’s number 1 alternative to residential addiction treatment. We are an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre delivering many of the same services that you could expect to receive in a residential treatment setting. This includes group and individual therapy, workshops and written assignments as well as a thorough introduction to the 12-step model of recovery.
  • We are an abstinence-based rehab centre and we follow the principle that addiction is an illness, not a moral failing. This illness may be kept in remission if abstinence is adhered to.
  • To find out more about our online and face to face addiction treatment programmes, please call or email us using the buttons below.

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Online Drug & Alcohol Programme
£1,500 for 6 weeks*

  • No Commuting
  • Accessible from home or work
  • Morning or Evening Streams (9.15am to 11.30am or 6.15pm to 8.30pm)
  • Confidential, Secure, Intensive & Effective
  • Eight Group Sessions Per Week
  • Two Individual Psychotherapy Sessions Per Week
  • Interactive Lectures, Mindfulness and Behaviour Change
  • Individualised Treatment Plans And Assignments
  • Drug And Alcohol Testing Included On Request
  • Inclusive Aftercare For 3 Months
  • Delivered By Qualified Experienced Addiction Psychotherapists
  • Treats Underlying Reasons for Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Family Programme**

*Equivalent to £23 per hour
** Optional. Additional cost £35 pp per week

Onsite Drug & Alcohol Programme
£3,000 for 6 weeks*

  • 10% the Cost of Residential Treatment
  • Non-Residential, Intensive & Effective 
  • Morning or Afternoon Streams (9am – 2pm or 12pm to 5pm)
  • Phase 1 = 5 days a week, Phase 2 = 3 days a week
  • Phase 1 = 4 weeks, Phase 2 = 2 weeks
  • 15 Group Sessions per week Phase 1
  • 9 Group Sessions per week Phase 2
  • One Individual Psychotherapy Session Per Week
  • Interactive Lectures, Mindfulness and Behaviour Change
  • Individualised Treatment Plans And Assignments
  • Inclusive Aftercare For 3 Months
  • Inclusive Family Conjoint Sessions
  • Drug And Alcohol Testing
  • Family programme **

*Equivalent to £23 per hour
** Optional. Additional cost £35 pp per week

About Our Programme

  • Help Me Stop endorses and utilises the 12-step model of recovery. This programme was established in the USA and has helped millions of people worldwide access a more fulfilling life. Evidence suggests that when the 12-step approach is delivered alongside a therapeutic programme, the roots of addiction can be addressed, and sustainable recovery is achieved.

  • Drug and alcohol addiction thrives on isolation which is why we do the vast majority of our work in group settings. This can be online or in our London rehabilitation centre. We provide a positive recovery focussed community to engage with. This gives clients a sense of belonging and a belief that change is possible with the support of others in a similar situation.

  • Unlike residential rehab treatment, Help Me Stop is a day programme which means all clients return home from our Central and West London rehabilitation centres after groups have finished. We provide clients with the tools and strategies to cope with the stresses and triggers that they are encountered in day to day life. We also help them deal with unresolved issues and underlying conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and self-esteem issues. This makes the experience genuine and increases the chances of long-term recovery significantly.

  • Help Me Stop offers rehab in the real world and as such provides morning, afternoon and evening streams of our programme both face to face and online; meeting the needs of individuals in the UK and abroad who can’t travel into our rehab centre.

  • Help Me Stop is committed to ensuring the best addiction treatment is available to the many people that need it at an affordable price.

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Both our Online and Onsite programmes are made up of a mixture of group work and one to ones with specialist therapists. We also provide support to families and loved ones via our family programme, which although is not compulsory, studies have shown that involving family members and loved ones improves family dynamics, improves communication and increases the chances of long term recovery.

With Local Authority funding for residential treatment difficult to get, and with private residential treatment out of reach for most people; intensive alcohol and drug treatment can seem inaccessible. But now there is a solution that is affordable as well as effective. Whether it is our online or onsite service our facilities are high end and our programmes are intensive and effective. Our drug and alcohol treatment centres are welcoming, comfortable and all have well-equipped therapy rooms and break out areas – giving them all a real home from home feel. Our Online service is secure, confidential, and highly effective meeting the needs of those individuals that can’t get to one of our centres.

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