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How Much MDMA Is Too Much?


Understanding how much MDMA is too much can be very difficult for a variety of reasons. MDMA is not currently a widely used treatment so the amount of research around dosage is small. Additionally, all drugs can affect people differently based on physiology. That means what is right for some may be too much for others.

Another barrier to understanding how much MDMA is too much is the fact it is cut. MDMA powder or ecstasy pills can be cut with amphetamines, caffeine, or other drugs. These may not be caught by testing kits so there is no good way to know what you are taking and what dosage you will receive.

This all means there is no one answer anyone can give about how much MDMA is too much. If you are determined to take the drug, the only advice is to be careful. The experts at Talk To Frank recommend only taking a very very small amount to begin with then waiting for the effects to kick in before you decide whether to use more. Even if you have taken MDMA before the dosages and formulations can vary wildly so this is the only way to manage the risk.

If you think you have taken too much MDMA, there are some risk signs to watch out for. The first is dehydration. People on MDMA have lots of energy and they may dance or take part in other activities for long periods without drinking anything. That is why staying hydrated is key.

Drinking too much can also cause problems. MDMA can temporarily stop the body from making urine so someone drinking too much could actually affect the balance of salts in their body. This can have all sorts of negative consequences and can even lead to death.

MDMA can also interfere with people’s ability to regulate their body temperature which means they dehydrate faster and their core temperature starts to damage organs. This can lead to death if left untreated.

To make sure you are drinking enough but not consuming too many liquids, Talk To Frank recommends sipping no more than 1 non-alcoholic drink every hour.

If you are worried that you have taken too much MDMA, please call an ambulance. They will not arrest you, they just want to make sure you are ok. Remember that, while rare, using MDMA can cause serious health problems including death. That makes getting help very important if you or someone you know are experiencing any adverse symptoms.

If you have a problem with MDMA or you would like to quit, Help Me Stop can help. We provide treatment that fits around your everyday life. Let our experts help you break free of your drug habit and get your life back on track.

Contact us to find out more about our Dayhab programe

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