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Author: Chris Cordell

Opiate rehab treatment sign on a tall sign with blue sky behind it

New Way Of Treating Opiate/ Opioid Dependence

Buvidal is effective in reducing opioids and opiates withdrawals and cravings. The main difference between Buvidal and other daily opiate detox medications such as methadone or oral Subutex is that you only need to be dosed weekly or monthly which is especially useful for those who have day to day commitments such as work.

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pregnant lady on brown sofa looking to drink a glass of red wine

Alcohol And Pregnancy

Abstaining from alcohol around conception or during pregnancy has long been advised for many reasons, including preventing foetal alcohol syndrome. Nonetheless, modest levels of consumption are often seen as likely to be safe, this should not be the case.

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Alcohol addiction wordle

Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol?

If you find it difficult to enjoy yourself, relax or deal with everyday problems without having a drink, it’s possible you’ve become dependent on alcohol.

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young man sitting on the ground with lots of voices in head - Addictive Voice

The Addictive Voice

People struggling with problematic alcohol and drug use and addiction are usually “of two minds.” That is, part of them knows they have a problem and is contemplating stopping, and the other part wants to continue the behaviour. These contradictory desires are called the addictive voice.

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man and woman in bed holding a baby, man has hands up saying no

Blocks to alcohol & drug treatment

Behavioural change is key to getting on top of problematic alcohol and drug use but the things we do and the ways we behave often keep us from changing our behaviours

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Drinking Stats form February to june showcasing the 8% rise

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have indicated that those drinking alcohol at high risk levels has DOUBLED to 8.5 million since February

The number of people drinking at ‘high risk’ levels has doubled to almost 8.5 million since February, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Professor Julia Sinclair, chair of the addictions faculty at RCPsych, said: ‘Drinking at high levels not only makes people more likely to become alcohol dependent, but many will develop other health problems including liver disease, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis and depression’. She went onto say that ‘Drug-related deaths and alcohol-related hospital admissions were already at all-time highs before Covid-19’.

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wife and son telling their husband dad to stop drinking while holding bottle to try and stop him at table

The “Family” and Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Problematic alcohol and drug use are not a one-way street. When a person compulsively uses drugs or alcohol, their behaviours do not exist in a vacuum. The negative behaviours—of which there are many—carry outward in a capacity that heavily, and often dramatically, affects the people that care about them.

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