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Author: Chris Cordell

Ketamine clear bottle with white powder next to it

How to Deal with a Ketamine Comedown

With increasing calls to Help Me Stop from relatives worried about loved ones taking ketamine, we take a look at the physical, mental and emotional effects of using ketamine.

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Addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs - Cross Addiction

Cross Addiction

Those that have been through treatment know the dangers of cross addiction and many that underplay the risk of it find themselves back in treatment with their new addiction.

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mans hand holding a bag of cocaine

How To Stop My Cocaine Use And Stay Stopped?

The short and long term negative effects of cocaine use are often overlooked and underplayed by individuals that use the drug.One of the first solutions in stopping cocaine use and staying stopped is to understand why you want to do it? What’s your motivation to stop?

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2021 New Years Resolution white paper flatlay

How To Quit Alcohol and Drugs As Your 2021 New Years Resolution

Even though nearly 50 % of people say they want to improve their health and wellbeing and save money, only 16% say they want to do something about their drinking and there are never any published data around drug use and New Years resolutions. The fact that alcohol use can contribute to over 60 negative physical and mental health conditions and is full of sugar it should be much higher on the list of things to address to improve your health. And with cocaine related hospital admissions at a 10 year high and over 350,000 alcohol related hospital admissions in 2019 stopping your use will also help our overstretched NHS who are busting at the seams with COVID-19 patients at the moment.

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woman on grey sofa in her home in a state of Depression, Stress, Anxiety

Depression, Stress, Anxiety And Drug And Alcohol Use

Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression is never easy at any time of the year but 2020 has bought in additional challenges with COVID-19. And with the latest announcement with many areas of the UK going into Tier 4 lockdown has been just one step too far for many people. Turning to drugs and alcohol is not the answer

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Chemsex crystal meth, GBL

Chemsex – Be Safe At Xmas

Chemsex is a growing phenomenon in the UK and is virtually exclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. Chemsex has become synonymous with a specific type of sexual behaviour and drug taking

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