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Month: March 2020

professional man with rucksack on back walking down flat elevator

Addiction In The Workplace

17 million days of productivity are lost each year due to drug and alcohol use. Our whitepaper investigates the effect on businesses and the economy in the UK.

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The Media and Substance Misuse: How they Get it Wrong

As anyone who struggles personally with problematic drug and alcohol misuse knows, what we see on TV and the internet is often far from reality. The media flits between positive and negative portrayals of drug and alcohol misuse regularly, at times drawing people towards addiction and at others instilling in them harmful stigmas that lead us to suffer in silence when we really should speak up and seek help.

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Man on laptop having zoom call with others through online rehab

Digital Dayhab – Online Drug and Alcohol Treatment

London Dayhab Help Me Stop has now launched an online treatment service for people struggling with drug and alcohol problems. It will deliver intensive treatment for existing clients unable to leave their homes during the COVID-19 crisis and new clients who wish to take advantage of this option, both now and in the future.

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woman sitting on window ledge feeling Isolated with addiction

How Isolation Fuels and Affects Addiction

For many, problematic drug and alcohol use and addiction are diseases that live in loneliness. As dependency on and abuse of drugs and alcohol worsens, important areas of our lives are steadily dropped as dependence takes hold. This cycle can be broken, however, and a better life can be achieved.

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Covid-19 Statement from help me stop

Help Me Stop: COVID-19 Statement

Help Me Stop is working within the governments’ guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19. While we remain open, Help Me Stop is committed to infection prevention and control.

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