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Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol treatment is a challenging yet necessary part of life for a person who has developed problematic drug or alcohol use. It’s a process that demands much from the person proceeding through their chosen programme, and it’s important and beneficial to be respectful and aware of what is expected of you when you begin.

The reality of problematic drug and alcohol use is that it costs mentally, physically and financially. Today we’re talking about this in a little more detail. By understanding and appreciating these factors, you’ll be better equipped and prepared to enter and succeed in drug and alcohol treatment.

The mental cost

It takes a stubborn commitment to success to truly succeed in drug and alcohol treatment. In addition to the addictive qualities of the drugs and alcohol is the simple challenge of having your life and habits laid bare for review and change with the help of experts.

The reality of problematic drug and alcohol use is often private. As a person’s use becomes problematic, their life shifts steadily towards their substance use as a priority. Hygiene, self-care, work and the care of loved ones fall aside in an increasingly private manner. All this changes upon beginning drug and alcohol treatment, and for many proceeding through a programme like Help Me Stop’s Dayhab offering this complete honesty and scrutiny takes courage and dedication to face and work through.

The physical cost

Recovery from drugs and alcohol challenges the body as much as the mind. To enjoy a sober drug-free life free from addictive substances, the individual must proceed through their programme and withstand the physical impact of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substances used and the intensity of that use, these symptoms can be severe or life-threatening if mismanaged and, in some cases, need medication to assist in the withdrawal.

If they are able to do so, committing to exercise is a process that aids success. Many of our clients attest to the use of exercise as a tool to focus their mind and body, helping them to replace destructive habits with empowering and health-improving ones. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. We wrote more about this subject in our blog on habits that keep you succeeding in recovery. You can find it here.

The financial cost

Traditionally, intensive drug and alcohol treatment services have been prohibitively expensive for the average individual, with most residential rehabs costing well in excess of £10,000 for a 4-week stay, and in some cases, over £20,000. The fact of the matter is that problematic drug and alcohol use doesn’t happen in isolation; it occurs alongside normal lives that bring with them normal obligations such as families and work. Jobs must be attended, bills must be paid and life can’t always afford to stop so that intensive treatment can be attempted.

This is why we created the UK’s most affordable private intensive rehab programme. Our Dayhab programme is available to our clients at a tenth the price of traditional residential rehab, and statistics for successful outcomes nine to twelve months post-completion match or exceed traditional residential outcomes.

You can find out more about the costs of our programme on this page. If you’d rather speak to a member of Help Me Stop about costs, you can find our contact information there too.

Drug and alcohol treatment brings with it a financial cost for attendance, but it’s also important to keep in mind the cost of your actual use too. Substances are rarely free and missed career opportunities and other work issues, relationship and marriage breakups, relationships with children and poor health add up to become a crippling expense to many suffering from drug and alcohol misuse and dependency.

We’re here to talk and to help

A serious subject today, and one that we hope is helpful to anyone reading this who may be facing the question of drug and alcohol treatment themselves. Unfortunately, problematic drug and alcohol use will not magically get better on its own and the reality is that you can just rely on willpower alone. We are sure many of you reading this will know where you have made a contract with yourself to cut down or stop completely, but find you just can’t keep to it.  Now is the right time.

If you need a helping hand or just an experienced and understanding ear to listen, please get in touch right now. We’re here to help.  

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