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Online Rehab Recovery Stories

Online Rehab Recovery Stories

At Help Me Stop, our Online Rehab programme is one of the reasons why we have been able to help so many more clients to recover. By removing prohibitive costs and geographical location, two of the major barriers to addiction treatment, we have been able to open our digital doors to many more people who want to overcome addiction. 

Recovery is not an easy process, and by no means is it a quick route or win. Recovery takes time and energy in order to make lasting changes that will positively impact your life, but we will be there for you every step of the way. What we want to do is to give you the power back to live your life healthily and happily, and to show you what is possible when you commit to change.

Our recovery stories are a source of inspiration.These are all stories from clients who  have walked the path you are on, and who are now living in active recovery, as opposed to active addiction.With the right support and tools,  recovery is possible for you too.

Read and watch some of the recovery stories from our Online Rehab clients, and see how taking these steps changed their lives for the better.


Lucy came to Help Me Stop looking for help with alcohol addiction. She took part in our Online Rehab programme to make the changes she wanted to in her life. After her relationship with alcohol started to become destructive and take a toll on her mindset, she knew that she had to make a choice and a change. Lucy thought she had boundaries in place, in the sense of not drinking before 6pm, but that boundary turned into an obsession with making sure there was wine waiting for her in the fridge, and another bottle for after that one. A social habit became isolating as she locked herself away after just one drink. Isolated in her own home, she decided to get help.

Read and listen to Lucy’s recovery story


Erick logged onto our Online Rehab from South Africa, which proves that you really don’t need to be face to face for these programmes to have an impact. The way we structure our sessions means that even online, everyone feels involved, which is exactly the kind of experience Erick had. The programme supported him and gave him all the therapy and care that he needed, from London all the way to Johannesburg. Erick overcame an addiction to cannabis and alcohol, and recovered his mental health and wellbeing too.

Read and listen to Erick’s recovery with Online Rehab


Mark chose Online Rehab after years of secret drinking. From thinking he was in control, to knowing that it was not the case at all, he had tried so many times to stop alone. He knew he needed professional help. With a flexible and accommodating approach that fit with his work and home life, Online Rehab offered Mark the chance of recovery, all based online.

Read more of Mark’s story

Mark in Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
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Gideon came to us aged 21 with a ketamine addiction, cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction. Having realised he needed help in order to turn things around and achieve abstinence and recovery, he enrolled onto our Online Rehab programme. Digital Dayhab is an option for those looking to find recovery in the comfort of their own home, and we helped Gideon  to emotionally rebuild with all the tools he needed.

Read about how Gideon found Online Rehab


Toulou accessed Help Me Stop at 30 years old, when she was suffering from a ketamine addiction.  She had developed patterns and behaviours that went hand in hand with ketamine addiction, and couldn’t break free by herself. Knowing that not using ketamine was not the same as recovery,  Online Rehab was the solution Toulou needed, offering her the flexibility and accountability that she needed to recover. 

Read Toulou’s story of recovery

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