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Tag: addiction

Heroin effects on the body

How Does Heroin Affect The Body

Learn how heroin affects your body both mentally and physically in the latest blog from the experts at Help Me Stop. We look at both the long and short term implications of heroin use.

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Ketamine side effects

Learn The Side Effects Of Ketamine

Ketamine is a popular drug in the UK but many people are unaware of its side-effects. The Experts at Help Me Stop examine the effects of Ketamine and how it affects your body.

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Depression, Stress, Anxiety

Depression, Stress, Anxiety And Drug And Alcohol Use

Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression is never easy at any time of the year but 2020 has bought in additional challenges with COVID-19. And with the latest announcement with many areas of the UK going into Tier 4 lockdown has been just one step too far for many people. Turning to drugs and alcohol is not the answer

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