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Author: Charlotte Tarrant

The myth of the functioning alcoholic

Help Me Stop Speak to G B News about ‘Functioning Alcoholism’

The majority of people that Help Me Stop work with haven’t yet lost everything: they have jobs, families, homes and opportunities. But alcohol addiction is making their life increasingly difficult, unmanageable and painful. In Alcohol Awareness Week, our Director of Admissions spoke to G B News about alcohol addiction, treatment and recovery.

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Alcohol addiction

Lucy: Alcohol, Treatment, My Family and Me

‘My relationship with alcohol had become very destructive. It was all-consuming. Although I had boundaries, a 6pm start, I was obsessed with it getting to 6 o’ clock, obsessed with making sure there was wine in the fridge and another bottle to follow…’

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Help Me Stop Addiction Treatment

Don’t Let Fear Stop You Starting Addiction Treatment

It’s common for people to have fears about what addiction treatment will be like. Yet most of our clients are surprised about how warm and welcoming it is. Listen to Dave speak about the misconceptions he had before arriving in our London Dayhab and how that changed after he started.

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Get addiction help

Let that S**t Go

Trying to hide an addiction is exhausting. Trying to convince the outside world that everything is okay is isolating. Get addiction help today.

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