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Online Rehab and Rehab in London, Addition Treatment

Omicron Covid Variant, Online Rehab and London Addiction Treatment

With news of the Omicron Covid variant, we want to reassure people with addiction that our Online Rehab and London addiction treatment centres are open to all.
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Fatherhood and alcohol recovery

A Lovely Story about Fatherhood in Alcohol Recovery

Dave came to Help Me Stop Dayhab in June 2021 for alcohol treatment. In this audio blog, he speaks about the extraordinary impact of alcohol recovery on his relationships, particularly with his 4-year-old daughter.
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Addiction recovery and relationships

Addiction Recovery and My Relationships

In Alcohol Awareness Week, we're focusing on alcohol and relationships. Hear from a Help Me Stop client about the impact of recovery on her relationships.
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Sky News and Help Me Stop: Dispelling the Myth of the Functioning Alcoholic

Dermot Murnaghan speaks to former Help Me Stop clients, Anne and Chris, about their alcohol addiction and recovery. Chris Love tackles the myth of the 'functioning alcoholic'.
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The myth of the functioning alcoholic

Help Me Stop Speak to G B News about ‘Functioning Alcoholism’

The majority of people that Help Me Stop work with haven't yet lost everything: they have jobs, families, homes and opportunities. But alcohol addiction is making their life increasingly difficult, unmanageable and painful. In Alcohol Awareness Week, our Director of Admissions spoke to G B News about alcohol addiction, treatment and recovery.
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Alcohol addiction

Lucy: Alcohol, Treatment, My Family and Me

'My relationship with alcohol had become very destructive. It was all-consuming. Although I had boundaries, a 6pm start, I was obsessed with it getting to 6 o' clock, obsessed with making sure there was wine in the fridge and another bottle to follow...'
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12 Step Meetings at Help Me Stop

12 Step Meetings @ Help Me Stop

There are now five 12-step fellowship meetings per week, located at Help Me Stop's London Dayhabs. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous in Acton and Cocaine Anonymous in Fitzrovia.
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Help Me Stop family programme

Family and Friends, Get Help with Addiction Too

Help with addiction isn't just for the person suffering with addiction. Watch Helena's videos about why the Help Me Stop family programme has been vital for her.
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Help Me Stop Life Beyond Series

The Life Beyond Series: Becoming a Mum in Addiction Recovery

In a new series of videos from Help Me Stop, our former clients speak about what they are most proud of in their addiction recovery and how their life is different today.
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‘I Got Married, We’re Expecting a Baby, But My Addiction Took Over’: Tom’s Story

'Arriving in treatment, I think I share the same experience that most people have. I thought that nobody here would understand my problems, but very quickly, I came to understand that the problems I have were shared with everyone here.'
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