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Tag: Non-Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Help Me Stop Dayhab treatment centre in acton

Stopping Drug and Problematic Alcohol Use and Staying Stopped – What Happens In Non-residential Rehab/Dayhab

Intensive Dayhab has been proved to be highly effective. Although new to the UK Intensive Dayhab has been running in the US for over 10 years and there are more than 11,000 Intensive Dayhab/Intensive Outpatient Programmes in operation. Data suggests that around 67% of people that complete Intensive Dayhab are still abstinent 9-12 months on completion.

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man passed out on sofa with bottles on floor showing Alcohol Poisoning

Acute Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

Acute alcohol poisoning treatment is administered when a person drinks enough alcohol that the levels in their body become toxic.  Binge drinking is usually the cause of acute alcohol poisoning. 

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