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Month: February 2019

Prescription drugs

Prescription Drugs: A Script for Life?

The historical case of Dr. Conrad Murray, and his relationship with Michael Jackson, highlights how easily a straightforward process can become confused in a way that most patients find hard to understand.In an ideal world one would like to think that getting a prescription from a doctor was a straightforward procedure. You go to the doctor with a complaint and he, or she, writes you out a prescription for medication that will make you better. You feel good because you have been heard. You have validation that you actually were ill and not just imagining it. The doctor feels satisfied that they have sent a patient away with the answer to their presenting ailment. The prescription, the currency of care, gets converted into pills, or ointments, and everyone is happy.

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Choosing between rehab or dayhab

Rehab or Dayhab

Help Me Stop’s Head of Treatment talks about why he believes Intensive Outpatient Programmes are the way forward for addiction Treatment. Until now, there has been no intensive Dahab, like the U.S model, available in the UK. Help Me Stop is a breakthrough in addiction treatment.

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