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Man refusing a joint after quitting weed
  • Marijuana, weed, ganja, mary jane, skunk, cannabis concentrates, dank, green, amnesia, ammo, cheese, kush, resin, THC oil, dabs, shatter and wax. These and many other names describe the sometimes highly potent plant, consumed daily by millions of people across the globe.
  • Weed is often portrayed in movies, music, TV and popular culture as a harmless and fun substance. What does not get highlighted as much is the significant damage it does to mental health and in brain formation amongst younger people.
  • If you are wondering what Dayhab (day rehab) is and how it can help you get into recovery, feel free to contact us. We’re here if you want to speak to someone about help with marijuana addiction.

Why Should I Stop Smoking Weed?

What starts out for many as a chilled out and relaxing experience quite often becomes a harrowing and disturbing mental health crisis. The effects of cannabis vary from person to person, depending on many factors. Many of the benefits of quitting weed we list also depend on the person stopping smoking all together. This includes all forms of tobacco smoking including cigarettes and vaping.

We will look quite specifically at the short, medium and long-term benefits of quitting weed including the key health benefits to the body when quitting cannabis.

Short term benefits of quitting weed

  • Improvements in respiration and the ability to breathe clearly
  • Mental fog lifts and cognition improves
  • Improvements in your short term memory
  • Increased motivation
  • Fewer cravings for junk food/ sugary drinks
  • Save money (high grade weed can cost upwards of £20 a day)

Medium term benefits of quitting weed

Two to three months after stopping smoking cannabis, improvements can include:

  • Increased ability to regulate sleep
  • Improvements in healthy eating habits
  • Significant improvement in retention of information
  • Dreaming usually resumes
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lungs begin to clear out mucus
  • Microvilli in throat return, which assist in clearing airways
  • Significantly increased motivation
  • Blood pressure and flow begins to normalize
  • Much less chance of heart attacks
  • Reduced risk of lung cancer

Long-term abstinence benefits of quitting weed

When you stop smoking weed for 1-2 years, there are significant health and wellbeing benefits.

  • Vastly reduced or no mood swings
  • Much lower chance of developing or exacerbating mental health illness
  • Healthier body and mind
  • In males, sperm count and sperm quality improves significantly
  • Over 50% less chance of developing lung diseases or cancer
  • Smokers cough stops
  • Healthy sleep hygiene
  • Improved relationships and emotional stability
  • Ability to regulate feelings and anger
  • Damage done to lungs begins to heal and reverse
  • New neurological pathways begin to form
  • Cognitive abilities drastically improve

The advantages of quitting marijuana and getting help to stop smoking weed are plenty. The benefits only increase with the longer the person stays off this drug. Many people will shy away from treatment because weed is seen as a less harmful substance when compared to heroin or crack cocaine. The truth of the matter is that is just as harmful, particularly because of the damage it does to a person’s mental health. Our staff at Help Me Stop are highly specialised in drug addiction help.

What is Rehab for Weed?

The initial period can often be the most difficult time. In the first few days, one may feel quite irritable and this becomes worse in the coming week as sleep is often difficult. After about a month, the brain begins to function better and things improve. Our six week Dayhab can help with this initial period and give a person the support they need in their early recovery. We also offer an online programme to help with weed or marijuana addiction for those who cannot attend in person.

Upon completion of the 6-week Dayhab programme at Help Me Stop, our clients receive 12 weeks of aftercare support and an ongoing recovery plan completely free of charge. They are also given a relapse prevention plan to assist them in a lifelong process to stay clean from all substances. The danger for addicts is putting down one mood or mind changing substance or behaviour and picking up another (cross addiction). With the support of our team at Help Me Stop and ongoing recovery through 12-step recovery a person can find the life they have always wanted, and keep it.

For more information on how to quit, or the next step regarding admissions, please call the Help Me Stop team today on 0208 191 8920 or by using our contact form. We can help you stop using marjiuana or cannabis, stop smoking weed (or using it in other ways), equipping you with the tools to stay stopped.

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