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Mark's Story

A clients experience with Digital Dayhab

By Chris Love

We talk to Mark, who has recently completed the Help Me Stop Digital Dayhab programme 

After years of secret drinking, I knew it had to stop.  For a long time I believed that I was in control, but as I now know it was the drink that controlled me. I had tried to stop many times by myself, thinking I could do it alone.  Despite my best efforts all of my attempts failed. It was suggested to me that a rehab programme may be the best way to once and for all, stop.  I did not know much about such things, and initially thought that the only option available was a lengthy stay in a residential facility adhering to a strict regimented programme.  However after some research I came across Help Me Stop (HMS).

The HMS approach seemed to me flexible and accommodating,  I opted for the online Digital Dayhab programme, which fitted into my lifestyle, whilst allowing me to attend the daily sessions which are so necessary for recovery.  Every day for six weeks there are group sessions, and 2 additional 1 to 1 sessions with a dedicated counsellor each week.  You are also required to attend at least two external Fellowship meetings a week on top of the HMS organised programme.  This is an excellent idea which allows you to experience self motivated face to face or online meeting attendance, which will be the mainstay of your recovery post programme.  The daily contact is so important and works extremely well.

The programme is run by a small team of dedicated counsellors who stay with you through your whole programme.  They are knowledgeable and compassionate, and fully experienced with your situation as they are in recovery themselves. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending HMS to anyone who is genuinely looking to start and maintain a successful recovery from whatever drug addiction, which in in my case is alcohol.

Thank you HMS!

Asking for help can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Our admissions process is simple and friendly. We'll address your concerns, answer any questions and, if you decide Dayhab is the right solution, guide you through the admissions process.

Fill in our contact form, call or email us or call our Admissions Team on 0208 191 9191 

To help you decide if Dayhab is the right treatment option, we usually start with a phone conversation. If you're happy to proceed, we'll take you through a pre-admissions assessment. This will give us a clinical evaluation of the problem and help decide if Dayhab is the solution for you.

We will also talk to you about how the programmes works and make sure you understand the commitment you need to make, and how Dayhab will fit into your schedule.

This assessment is free and unbiased. If we think our Dayhab programme is not the best treatment for you, then we will provide you with some suggested alternatives.

Digital Dayhab

  • Help Me Stop is the UK’s leading alternative to residential addiction treatment. We are an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre delivering many of the same services that you could expect to receive in a residential treatment setting. This includes group and individual therapy, workshops and written assignments as well as a thorough introduction to the 12-step model of recovery.
  • We are an abstinence-based rehabilitation centre and we follow the principle that addiction is an illness, not a moral failing. This illness may be kept in remission if abstinence is adhered to.

To find out more about our Dayhab and Digital Dayhab programmes please click here or call the Admissions Team on 0208 191 9191.  Alternatively you can chat live with an advisor by visiting our website here