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The UK's most affordable treatment solution


Online Drug & Alcohol Programme
£1,250 for 6 weeks*

  • No Commuting
  • Accessible from home or work
  • Morning or Evening Streams (9.15am to 11.30am or 6.15pm to 8.30pm)
  • Confidential, Secure, Intensive & Effective
  • Eight Group Sessions Per Week
  • Two Individual Psychotherapy Sessions Per Week
  • Interactive Lectures, Mindfulness and Behaviour Change
  • Individualised Treatment Plans And Assignments
  • Drug And Alcohol Testing Included On Request
  • Inclusive Aftercare For 12 Months
  • Delivered By Qualified Experienced Addiction Psychotherapists
  • Treats Underlying Reasons for Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Family Programme**

*Equivalent to £19 per hour
** Optional. Additional cost £35 pp per week

Onsite Drug & Alcohol Programme
£3,000 for 6 weeks*

  • 10% the Cost of Residential Treatment
  • Non-Residential, Intensive & Effective 
  • Morning or Afternoon Streams (9am – 2pm or 12pm to 5pm)
  • Phase 1 = 5 days a week, Phase 2 = 3 days a week
  • Phase 1 = 4 weeks, Phase 2 = 2 weeks
  • 30 Group Sessions per week Phase 1
  • 18 Group Sessions per week Phase 2
  • One Individual Psychotherapy Session Per Week
  • Interactive Lectures, Mindfulness and Behaviour Change
  • Individualised Treatment Plans And Assignments
  • Inclusive Aftercare For 12 Months
  • Inclusive Family Conjoint Sessions
  • Drug And Alcohol Testing
  • Family programme **

*Equivalent to £23 per hour
** Optional. Additional cost £35 pp per week

Help Me Stop Dayhab has broken through the price barrier with an affordable, effective treatment programme that's proven to be as, or even more effective than residential rehab.

At a cost of just £3,000 for our 6-week face to face treatment programme, and  £1,250 for our 6-week online treatment programme recovery is now within the reach of more people who need it.

Treatment for alcohol and drug problems can be extremely expensive. Private programmes – especially residential ones – can cost on average £25,000, putting it out of reach for most people. Help Me Stop Dayhab is Rehab in the Real World - effective programmes that are realistically priced, accessible and intensive.

Virtually all residential programmes insist that people join for 28 days or more which makes it difficult for those who still need to work, study or look after children. With our Dayhab programmes, clients can continue to work, study or care for family while in treatment. And with our online programme our clients don't even have to come into our centre. And because our programmes are available part-time, full time and in the evenings recovery fits into daily life.

It’s possible to get local authority funded access to residential treatment but it’s a long and difficult process. Funded places are limited and oversubscribed, so waiting lists are long. While waiting for a place, many will find that their condition deteriorates or their motivation disappears. In extreme cases, they may even die.

According to the 2005-2008 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, there are five common reasons why people who felt they needed treatment for addiction made no effort to obtain it:

Statistics for 5 common reasons why people who felt the needed treatment for addiction.

Help Me Stop puts an end to some of these barriers, making intensive treatment affordable, accessible and effective. We call it 'Rehab in the Real World'. Our 130-hour face to face Dayhab programme costs less than the average two-week holiday for two in Spain. And our 6 week online programme is even more affordable.

With programmes available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings it makes it really achivevable to get treatment around work and home life. And wiht an online treatment programme you don't even need to come into one of our centres.

Tried and tested in the US, where Dayhab is now the preferred route for most people, success rates are as high, or higher than those of residential rehab.

Additional costs

When adding up the cost of treatment, you will need to factor in the following additional costs:


Some people become dependent on alcohol or drugs to the extent that they need a medical detox to manage their withdrawal safely. Not everyone needs this but if during our assessment it becomes apparent this is necessary, we will refer you to one of our carefully chosen private detox providers. Some detoxes need to take place in a residential setting but often they can be completed at home. A private home detox can cost around £1,000 for an alcohol detox and around £2,000 for a drug detox.

In some cases, GPs or community alcohol and drug services will provide medical detoxes free of charge.

Travel & lunch:

You'll need to pay for your own travel to and from our centre and provide your own food. We do provide tea, coffee and biscuits and have kitchen facilities you can use. There are also various sandwich shops and places to eat nearby.


We provide all the literature and materials you need to complete the programme, but in addition, we strongly advise you purchase your own copy of the key texts referred to in the programme, these cost less than £10. We also provide links to free versions online.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or know someone who does, please get in touch for free, confidential advice.