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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know are struggling with alcohol addiction, our dayhab treatment could be your answer.

If you believe you are suffering from alcoholism, the sooner you can begin your recovery the better. For most sufferers, the only way to stop their addiction and commence lasting recovery is to enter a formal rehabilitation programme. We offer an in-person dayhab and a Digital Dayhab. Our digital offering allows you to do all of your treatment from your home so you can continue treatment despite the Covid-19 quarantine. 

Help Me Stop Dayhab
£2,500 for 5 weeks* 

160 hours of intensive addiction therapy

20 hours of family programmes included


Relaxed & luxurious clinic

Hours that fit around study/work/life

Tailored recovery plan & aftercare support

Online Treatment Options Available

Our service is offered at approximately one-tenth of residential rehabilitation costs and matches or exceeds residential programme success rates. We’re local, intensive, affordable and offer alcohol and drug testing as part of our five-week programme. If you need help now, please reach out to us today.


Our programme is made up of a mixture of group work and one-to-ones with a primary therapist. We also include a 20-hour family programme which includes up to two relatives or friends. It’s not compulsory, but experience shows that involving family members and friends improves family dynamics and increases the chances of long-term recovery.

At Help Me Stop, we offer treatment flexibly to allow realistic recovery around the commitments of work, family and study. We’re open late and on weekends, helping our patients to fit their rehabilitation around the demands of regular life.