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One To One Counselling

It doesn’t have to get worse before you act.

Not everyone with problematic drug and alcohol use needs full Dayhab right now. If this sounds like you, Help Me Stop can provide six weeks of one-to-one counselling as a precursor to joining one of our intensive programmes.

Help Me Stop Dayhab
£80 per hour

  • Six-weeks of one-to-one counselling at a lower price than our Dayhab programme
  • Private, confidential support
  • Specialist addiction therapists who have experienced problems with drugs and alcohol themselves
  • Attend our comfortable, friendly centre in London
  • Available online or face to face
  • Flexible attendance hours to fit around your other obligations

This type of counselling is ideal for people who are concerned about their drug or alcohol use, but who don’t feel a full Dayhab programme is appropriate just yet. One to One counselling is available face to face and online.


Our six-week programme is shorter and less intensive than our full Dayhab programme and involves personal and confidential one-to-one sessions with one of our qualified addiction therapists. It’s flexible, highly affordable and is a great way to learn more about the underlying reasons for your substance misuse so you can stop things escalating.

What is counselling?

In essence, counselling involves what is known as ‘talking therapy’. This is a private set of conversations that happens between you and your therapist, helping you to unpack the emotions, habits and past traumas that contribute to the behaviour you are struggling with today. While some counselling can involve group work, this specific offering from Help Me Stop is one-to-one only.

How does counselling work?

Counselling, similar to therapy, aims to help you identify stressors, triggers and self-beliefs that lead you towards drug or alcohol misuse.  Our experienced and certified therapists will guide you towards a new understanding and perspective on your own thoughts, providing to you a fresh view of yourself that is more conducive to self-love, self-forgiveness and a future free of substance abuse.

This intimate level of discussion involves the development of trust with your therapist. As your counselling progresses throughout the six weeks, you will find it easier and more natural to discuss the deeper emotions and traumas that contribute to your issues.

For many, the simple presence of an understanding, non-judgmental person to speak their frustrations and issues to is a liberating and empowering experience that helps to free them from the burden of their troublesome thoughts.

What happens after the six-week programme?

Help Me Stop is staffed by professionals who have each overcome substance misuse problems at some point in their lives. They know from personal experience what it is like to struggle with drugs and alcohol but equally understand that recovery is always possible.

The 6 week 1:1 programme is seen as a precursor to join either our face to face or online Dayhab programme.