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Digital Dayhab - Online Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Our Digital Dayhab online rehab service provides expert therapy to those struggling with problematic alcohol and drug use across the UK.

With the latest recommendations for COVID-19 keeping many of us in our homes and cancelling public gatherings, most options for addiction treatment are now in accessible.

Here at Help Me Stop, we believe help with addiction should be available to you wherever you are. As such, we are pleased to have launched our Digital Dayhab, an online drug and alcohol addiction treatment solution.

Our Digital Dayhab service provides the same expertise of drug and alcohol addiction treatment as our current Dayhab programme, but delivered from the comfort of your home.

Help Me Stop - Digital Dayhab
£1,750 for 4 weeks

  • Duration:   4 weeks.
  • Group Sessions:   2 x 90 mins per day.
  • 1:1 Sessions:   2 x 60 mins per week.

We also offer complementary recovery services alongside our core online programme:

  • Our online family programme, delivers a 4 week course of 2 hour weekly groups at £50 per person.
  • Our online aftercare programme, delivers a weekly 90 min group for those that have completed the core programme, at a cost of £37.50 per person per session.

To speak to one of our drug and alcohol addiction experts about your situation or to see if we might be able to help, please Live Chat with us using the function at the bottom of your browser or contact us using the details on our contact page.