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How Effective Is Dayhab

Help Me Stop’s Dayhab and Digital Dayhab models are a new approach to rehabilitation. We’ve built them based on the globally recognised 12 step approach to recovery, but we didn’t stop there; our approach builds on 12-step and incorporates elements like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that our therapists, many of whom have recovered from addiction themselves, know are effective.

Our Dayhab model matches or exceeds the recovery rate of traditional, residential rehab programmes. We’re proud of this because it’s available at approximately one-tenth the cost. For many people, the cost of more traditional rehab put it out of reach. Our lower costs have made treatment more accessible to everyone.  

Flexibility matters

If it isn’t cost that holds people back from entering a rehab programme, it’s often their schedule. Life can’t simply be put on hold so that you can recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol, as nice as that would be! Families and loved ones need care and attention, and for many individuals struggling with addiction, there’s still a job to attend throughout the week so bills can be paid.

We feel that our Dayhab and Digital Dayhab programmes are effective here because they’re flexible. Rehabilitation should be a part of your life but we understand that they cannot take over your every waking moment.

Aftercare and family support

An effective rehab programme is one that includes support for every aspect of life that is affected by addiction. As anyone struggling with drugs and alcohol misuse knows, harm isn’t just confined to the user; friends, families and loved ones are all impacted by the actions and consequences relating to addiction.

Help Me Stop provides free drop-in group support for family members, colleagues and friends who may be concerned about your drinking or drug use. These sessions educate on the nature of addiction and the 12 step process. They are designed to give rudimentary coping strategies to help improve quality of life. Family support also offers a chance for us to pass on advice on how to better encourage and convince a person to consider rehabilitation for drug and alcohol use.

It’s our belief that this should be an important part of any effective programme, and that’s why we emphasise it so in our Dayhab offering.

Dayhab is intensive

If you are noticing signs of addiction we can help. Anyone with a substance abuse problem struggles with it but it’s commonly agreed that intensive courses give the best results. Immersing one’s self in group work, 1:1 sessions and the other activities that make up an effective rehab programme increases your chances of recovery and sobriety, and it’s on that understanding that we designed our Dayhab and Digital Dayhab programmes.

Our Dayhab offering provides 160 hours of intensive therapy, 20 hours of family programmes and tailored aftercare and support. Our digital alternative includes four weeks of rehabilitation, involving two group sessions a day and two 1:1 sessions per week. We also provide aftercare to support your life in recovery.

We’re here if you’d like to talk about how you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol. Please feel free to reach out by calling 0208 191 8920 or by using our contact form.