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The Average Cost For Rehab From Alcohol

In the UK there are a wide variety of alcohol rehabs available including inpatient rehabs, outpatient rehabs, online rehabs and individual counselling. All of these can be effective alcohol rehab options depending on your circumstances but the average cost for alcohol rehab varies widely. Below we have compiled the various addiction treatment options from private rehab clinics. We do not include NHS options as these have different costs associated with them.

Inpatient Rehabs

The average cost for rehab at an inpatient facility or residential rehab is approximately £25,000 for alcohol addiction treatment. This is usually a 28 day stay at the rehab with intensive group therapy and 1 to 1 work as well as other complementary therapies. It costs so much because of how an inpatient rehab has to run. Any inpatient facility treating alcohol addiction is a combination of a hotel, doctors surgery and counselling centre. There will usually be a doctor and nurses on staff, there are cleaners and repairpeople to keep the building looking nice, There are counsellors running the treatments and on top of all that, there is the general admin staff needed to keep any business running. the cost of rehab also includes meals. Many rehabs include kitchens and provide their customers with food cooked on sight which ads a further rehab cost.

Outpatient rehabs

The average cost for rehab in an outpatient rehab treatment facility is around £6,500 (this can vary depending on the length of treatment). Outpatient is much cheaper because clients do not generally stay at or eat at the facility. That means there is no need for 24-hour staffing or many of the services provided by a hotel or restaurant. Outpatient rehabs generally provide the same treatment as inpatient facilities. This includes a treatment plan, group therapy 1 to 1 therapy and other treatment options.

Online Rehabs

The average cost for rehab in an online alcohol abuse treatment centre varies too much to provide an average because of the wide variety of care levels available. Some online treatment centres provide regular treatments and plenty of different treatment options. Others offer much less. If you are looking for a good online rehab, you should be looking to spend a bit more than £1,000 and the treatments should last for approximately 6 weeks of regular sessions.

Individual counselling

The average cost for rehab from an individual alcohol counsellor varies widely. Counsellors tend to charge either by the hour or by the session. The fee for a counselling psychologist runs from £120 to £180 per hour but some may charge less and others much more. There are also other professionals who provide alcohol addiction treatment at different rates. Most individual counsellors will offer1 to 1 sessions on a weekly basis. They can provide a great deal of help but they may not offer group sessions or other complementary therapies like the other rehab options on this list.

If you are interested in getting help and want affordable alcohol abuse treatment, Help Me Stop is a great choice. We have an outpatient rehab and we offer online treatment. Our in-person rehab option fits around your daily life and costs just £3,000 for 6 weeks. It includes intensive treatment from experts in the field of addiction. Our online option offers the same treatments over 6 weeks for just £1,250. That makes our treatment options some of the most affordable in the UK. If you are interested in getting treatment for alcohol abuse or drug addiction please contact us today.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or know someone who does, contact us for free, confidential advice:

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