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Trade Press


The 1st of a national network of affordable, accessible, self-pay alcohol and drug treatment centres, Help Me Stop, opens in Acton, West London this July, headed up by Tim Smith and Chris Cordell. Its dayhab programme is adapted from an intensive outpatient treatment model successfully pioneered in the US.

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A new, day-care rehab centre for people with drug and alcohol addiction is launching in West London, with plans to roll out further sites across the UK. Help Me Stop will offer an affordable alternative to expensive residential rehab The first site in Acton opens in July but they are currently taking referrals and running pre-treatment therapy groups.


National Press


Experts say a new network of “dayhab” centres will offer functioning alcoholics and drug addicts the chance to treat their problems by day, while living at home. The new chain of private centres, run by a former government advisor who helped Russell Brand come off heroin, says the method will offer therapy at a fraction of the cost of traditional residential programmes.

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Let’s put addicts in ‘dayhab’, not rehab, says Dr. Max Pemberton.‘Dayhab’ is a new approach to treating patients with drug or alcohol problems being launched in the UK. It’s an intensive rehab programme run at a day centre, which allows patients to live at home during treatment.

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Local Press


The first of a national network of affordable, accessible, self-pay alcohol and drug treatment centres opens in July. Help Me Stop, in Acton, treats patients out of normal working hours – so they can carry on with their jobs. The “dayhab” programme is adapted from an intensive outpatient model from Los Angeles, where the Twin Town dayhab centre, boasts 76 per cent of clients are sober nine months later.

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The first of a national network of affordable, self-pay alcohol and drug treatment centres, Help Me Stop, is opening in Acton in July. A five-week, 160-hour programme at Help Me Stop will cost £2,500, significantly less than a typical five-week stay in residential rehab, which costs an average of £25,000. Help Me Stop’s non-residential treatment approach, known as dayhab, is designed to fit around people’s work, study and childcare.

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London Press


How lockdown changed the rules of alcohol recovery

Help Me Stop, a non-residential centre for drugs and alcohol recovery, formulated an online version of its Dayhab programme, which provides intensive addiction treatment.

‘We always had an intention to develop an online solution,’ says admissions manager Chris Love. ‘However, the pandemic accelerated this, and when we went into lockdown we transitioned all of our face to face clients to our online programme.’ 

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I thought I knew what a heroin addict looked like, then I became one

There seems to be a misconception that heroin addicts are all homeless and down-and-out. I too had this misconception once. But today I have friends in recovery that were in that situation when they were using, and I also have friends who were in high-flying jobs with houses, families, kids and cars, and they managed to keep it all going with a raging habit.

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