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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Some people become dependent on alcohol and drugs to the extent they have withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stop drinking or using. The effects of withdrawal can be manageable, but in some cases they are severe and even dangerous. If you fall into this category, you will need a medical detox. During your assessment process we will decide whether detox is needed, and if it is, what type of would suit you best. 

Help Me Stop can arrange a detox solution to suit your needs via one of our carefully selected providers. You could be suitable for a detox in your own home, or you may be advised to attend a residential centre. Detox for alcohol usually takes between 7-10 days. A drug detox may take longer depending on the substances involved. Once you’ve gone through detox, you’ll be transferred back to us to begin your Dayhab programme. 

Detox on its own is not treatment. And studies show that, on its own, it has no positive effect on long- term sobriety or abstinence. Our aim is to make sure your journey from detox into treatment and recovery is seamless.  

Choosing a detox provider

If at assessment it’s decided that you need a detox, we’ll give you a range of options from our preferred providers list, however the final decision will be yours. We’ll help coordinate your referral to them and liaise with them while you’re in treatment. When you’re ready, we’ll also support your transfer into our care.

If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or you know someone who does, call us today for a free confidential assessment to discuss treatment needs.