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The Benefits Of Quitting Weed

By Tim Woodley

Despite marijuana being something consumed regularly by hundreds of thousands across the UK, there are real benefits to ending its use. Cannabis is often portrayed in popular media as harmless and fun, with movies and the music industry continually highlighting positive aspects of its consumption.

This hides the truth; for many, marijuana use is a dependency. It can hold back people from living their best lives, limiting their motivation and sustaining poor mental wellbeing and depression. By quitting cannabis, many an adult has found their lives transformed for the better. Although counter to what many will tell you about cannabis, the truth is simple for many people: life without weed is better and there is help available.

The key benefits of quitting marijuana

What, then, are the specific benefits? If quitting cannabis is so good for your life, what can I look forward to if I consider doing the same myself? Let’s take a look.

Lung function improves: Despite the fact that marijuana is milder and safer for the lungs than smoking tobacco, it still does damage and limits their function. Marijuana use can if consumed regularly, lead to deterioration in breathing function. Air sacs, also known as bullae, can be created in the lungs, with users also often experiencing more infections due to bacteria and fungus that can be carried in street cannabis.

Quitting weed will mean your cardiovascular health and capability will improve. Over the course of several months, you’ll be healthier and will be less prone to infections of the lungs, which can include pneumonia. If you’re asthmatic, that will improve too.

Your depression will improve

Drugs like weed and alcohol have long been known to have ties to depression. In many cases, addicts of any kind will use their addiction and dependency as a way to alleviate the trauma or stress they feel in everyday life. Weed is no exception, with many adults across the UK relying on cannabis each day to avoid feelings of depression and poor mental health. Cannabis use can make mental health disorders worse. For decades, studies have shown the correlation between cannabis use and depression – and the results have never been good.

For most who quit regular or heavy weed use, their mental health rapidly improves. The smothering and stultifying effects of marijuana use wash away, leaving the individual with a renewed sense of motivation and energy. Beyond specific health concerns, this is one of the most highly valued benefits of quitting weed: you’ll feel filled with purpose and a sense of drive like never before.

Your sleep will improve

It’s common for adults to use drugs like weed and alcohol to help them sleep. But people who get high before bed may be starting a dangerous pattern, as dependency on cannabis can actually worsen insomnia and disrupt your sleep. Particularly when using it regularly and in heavy amounts, the actual chemistry of your brain will change.

Similar to how an alcoholic or heroin addict will experience withdrawals when not drinking or taking their drug, a heavy or regular weed smoker will find it particularly difficult to effectively go to sleep or stay asleep on nights they don’t smoke.

Withdrawal is generally mild

There are still withdrawal symptoms when people who have been heavy users stop using marijuana. The good news is that withdrawal symptoms are generally mild and only tend to last for between 24 and 72 hours. That means if you have decided to quit smoking weed your withdrawal should be relatively smooth and short. quitting marijuana also has a number of health benefits so a short withdrawal is defiantly worth the discomfort.

We hope that helps

A little information on the benefits of quitting weed. Despite what many will tell you, quitting cannabis is a worthy decision that will have positive effects on your life. We hope you consider this information seriously and think about how your own wellbeing could improve if you quit too. 

For more information on our recovery program, how to quit, or just for general advice and support over the phone or email, please call the Help Me Stop team today on 0208 191 8920 or by using our contact form. We can help you quit smoking weed (or using it in other ways) and give you the help you need to enjoy life without marijuana.